The Cercle Francais will open its first winter season this afternoon at 2.15 at the Copley Theatre. Three one-act plays will be presented: "La Joie Falt Peur", a comedy by Mme. Emile de 'Girardin; "Le Baiser", a verse comedy by Theodore de Banville; and "Les Sonnettes", by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halevy.

The cast of the first play includes J. D. Lodge '25, C. S. M. Grayson '27, W. P. Graves Jr. '27, and the Misses Helen Grew, Ethel Thayer, and Rosamonde Thomas. The two roles in "Le Baiser" will be played by Ernest Iselin '26 and Miss E. Ixe. J. R. Robinson '25, Miss Rosamonde Adie, and Miss O. Zed will take part in the final play.

In connection with today's production Professor Andre Morize has written the following article concerning the Cercle's activities:

"There is a Cercle Francais at Harvard. That is one of those discoveries that America is making even now, more than five centuries after Christopher Columbus.

Cercle is 50 Years Old

"There is a Cercle Francais,--some know of it, some profit by it, and some work at it. The Cercle deserves a much better kind of attention than this sort of perfunctory sympathy that it receives. As a matter of fact it is one of the oldest organizations in the University, as may have been noticed by the celebration of its fiftieth anniversary.

"Moreover at a certain period it was one of the most brilliant: several of the most prominent and illustrious lecturers that France has sent to the United States, artists like Sarah Bernhardt,--musicians and renowned politicians have come to Harvard thanks to the Cercle Francais, and under its auspices. The club room of the Cercle in Grays 9 is agreeable, restful and comfortable. Students should go there every day, and many of them should attend the evenings of reunion.

Members Making Supreme Effort

"Today the members of the Cercle are making a supreme effort to arouse interest in French thought, and they deserve as much as any dramatic organization at Harvard, the support of all those who are interested in the drama. This afternoon certain members of the Cercle are going to give three one act plays. On the 12th of March they will play 'Tartuffe', by Moltere, and on the 9th of April, 'Jalouse', by Alexandre Bissou.

"There are three opportunities for students to hear good French, to show their appreciation of the efforts of the Cercle Francais, and to spend an enjoyable afternoon. May we hope that they too will make an effort this afternoon, and go in large numbers to the Copley Theatre."