But Morrison Ties It Up Soon After--Green Jerseyed Skaters Register Twice in Overtime Session

Three games in five days or 85 minutes of play the night before did not affect the work of the Maple A. A. sextet as it triumphed over the University team by a 3-1 score in an extra period game at the Arena last night.

The game was characterized throughout by numerous substitutions. The Maples had a combination of Morrison, Chisholm, and Dunn which alternated at various intervals with Williams, MacDonald, and Mosher on the forward line. To meet these fresh players the Crimson was obliged to follow its opponent's example and men were freely substituted.

The Harvard team appeared to have the edge on its rivals during the early part of the contest. The line kept intact most of the first period and accounted for a perpetual bombardment of the Maple's goal. However, the green-jerseyed skaters retaliated the next three periods with equal viciousness.

Checking Back Uncertain

In spite of the score, the Crimson played good hockey at times. Beals at center was the mainstay of the forward line, his dashes down the rink calling forth applause from the spectators. Chase on the defence also won credit for his playing. In comparison with their opponents, the team as a whole was a trifle slow, and the checking back not as close as it ought to have been.

The first score came after four minutes and 15 seconds of play. Hodder retrieved the rubber from an opponent, dashed down the rink through the Maple's line, and plunged the puck past Adams into the net. The Maples then made their first shift in the line-up, which changed continually thereafter throughout the game. But it was not until seven minutes later that the score was evened up. Chisholm, coming down on the left side of the rink, passed to Morrison, who knocked the puck into the far corner of the net.

Two Periods Fruitless

In the next two periods the puck traveled from one end of the rink to the other. Both goal guards were kept busy warding off shots, and both teams were unable to score.

An extra ten minute period was agreed upon to play off the tie. Just one minute and 42 seconds after the referee's whistle announced the start, Chisbolm swept down the rink and took a shot at the goal from the left at the quarter mark. Newell raised his leg to kick the puck out of the way but missed, the rubber flying between his knees into the cage.

Mosher Puts it on Ice

The Crimson team made a valiant effort to retrieve the lost point, but Mosher, in the second, half of the period, increased the Maple's lead by a shot from a scrimmage directly in front of the Harvard net. The game was over 25 seconds later.

The summary: Harvard  Maple A. A. Walker, Austin, l.w.  r.w., Morrison, Williams Beals, Burgess, c.  c., Chisholm, MacDonald Hodder, Hill, Burgess, r.w.  l.w., Dunn, Mosher Crosby, Hammond, l.d.  r.d., Fisher, McKay Chase, Hammond, r.d.  l.d., Garrify Newell, g.  g., Adams

Score, Maple A. A. 3, Harvard 1. Goals, Hodder, Morrison, Chisholm, Mosher. Time, three 15-minute periods and one 10-minute overtime period.