Three University Relay Teams Beaten in Hard Races--Freshmen Pile Up 60 Points in Triangular Meet

Unexpected disaster and overwhelming success was the portion of University and Freshman track athletes on Saturday. In the afternoon the 1927 squad ran wild against Boston English and Boston Latin High Schools, and amassed a total of 60 points to their opponents' 11. Among the medal-winners in the Knights of Columbus games in the evening, however, were registered only Jefferson Fletcher '25 with third place in the 45 yard hurdles, and the 1927 relay team, which soundly trounced a yearling M. I. T. quartet.

In spite of the evening's somewhat disappointing showing, there were some highly creditable performances by University representatives. In all three of the University relay races their opponents numbered some of the fastest men in the country, and particularly in the B. A. A. contest, the University pressed the Unicorn runners to the limit. R. G. Allen '26, in the lead-off position, ran a beautiful race, trailing Dudley of the B. A. A. by only a stride in the first few laps, and then passing him on the next to the last lap, and piling up a 20 yard lead. B. A. A. lost several yards by clumsy handling of the baton, and J. H. Sherburne '24 was able to gain and hold a 35 yard advantage. A. L. Coburn '24, however, failed to maintain this lead, and Larrabee, of B. A. A., doing some excellent running, went by him on the last lap. L. B. R. Barker Jr. '26, at anchor for Harvard, fought the famous Lloyd Hahn, victor in the K. of C. mile earlier in the evening, all the way, and lost little. At the beginning of the last lap, he struck to pass him and for a moment it seemed that he might succeed. Hahn spurted, however, and broke the tape 12 yards ahead.

Georgetown and K. of C. Teams Win

In the other two relays, the long contest with Georgetown, and the short race with a picked Boston K. of C. team, both W. L. Chapin '25 and Captain J. E. Merrill '24 got the pole, in leading off, but lost it later, leaving their successors a handicap which continued to increase. J. N. Watters '26, in the anchor position against Georgetown, made a splendid effort to cut down a 35 yard lead, but Geghan, running last for the Washington team finished with a safe advantage.

Fletcher Takes Third In Hurdles

In the 40 yard invitation dash, A. L. Miller '27 survived the trial heats, and finished fourth in the finals, an extremely good performance in view of the fact that Loren Murchison, and men scarcely inferior, were running against him. C. I. Paulsen '27, in the hurdle event, starting from scratch, could not overcome his opponents' handicaps. Fletcher, however, in the first heat, with a one foot handicap, took second place, bowing to Christiansson, the swift Swede from the Newark A. C. The latter's time was six seconds, equalling the world record. Fletcher won his semi-final heat, and in the finals he came in ahead of Christiansson, who could not repeat his earlier performance.

1927 Cleans Up In Afternoon Meet

In the Freshman meet at Soldiers Field in the afternoon, C. I. Paulsen starred, taking first in shot put and hurdles. H. B. Peck travelled fast to win the 300 yard dash, and, in addition, ran at anchor in the relay, making a total of 6 1-4 points.