Marks Result of Over Three Years Work by Peabody Museum Field Men--Central African Relics Predominate

The Peabody Museum has completed the installation of the ethnological and archaeological collections from Africa, it was announced yesterday by Mr. Charles C. Willoughby, Director of the Museum. A portion of the collection has been in storage for some time, but the greater part is new material never before exhibited. It has been placed in the hall on the fifth floor.

While this collection is not the largest of its kind in the country, it is nevertheless one of the most completely representative. It includes numerous garments, utensils, weapons, and relics of different kinds from all parts of the African continent. The Cameroon and the Egyptian Sudan collections are especially full.

The collection is the result of work during the last three or four years by the Peabody Museum's representatives in the field. Due to the inroads of civilization in the wilder parts of the continent this material is fast disappearing. For example, as Mr. Willoughby pointed out, when a native secures a tin can of any kind from white men, it is likely to replace the utensil that he formerly fashioned from wood or metal for himself.