Beavers Have Shown Some Improvement Since Christmas--May Resort to Three Man Defensive System

HARVARD  M. I. T. Walker, l.w.  r.w., Peene Hodder, c.,  c., Dalton Beals, r.w.  l.w., Moulton Chase, l.d.  r.d., McPherson Crosby, r.d.  l.d., Locke Newell, g.  g., Massey

The dopesters predict an easy evening for Harvard tonight, when the hockey team faces off with Tech at 8.15 in the Arena.

On paper the Crimson should win 16 to 1, as these figures represent the sum of the scores by which Harvard defeated B. U. and B. U. defeated Technology. Even the most optimistic followers of the sport will hardly expect such a result, however, for many pucks have flown into the cage since these early season encounters.

The Engineers are expected to resort to the three man defence for part of the time as this was the formation which they were taught to play against the Terriers. M. I. T. had no great amount of coordination, but the Beaver rooters are confident that their outfit has received some essentials of team-play since Christmas. The game with B. U. has been Tech's only regular engagement this season, although since that time M. I. T. once gained the edge on the Boston men in a practice scrimmage.

For the Crimson, tonight's contest should provide an opportunity for Coach Winsor to give his subs some action in a game. Hitherto chances of this sort have been rare enough, as the schedule has proved to be unusually stiff.

There will be three 15 minute periods.