Gallagher and Shean Have Nothing on Hubbard as He Tours Africa Hunting Elephants, Lions and His Brother

Rivalling in uniqueness the jungle tales of the explorer Livingston and those of Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean on the Sahara are the reports coming from C. J. Hubbard '24 in the wilds of Africa.

Last year's football captain and First Marshal left in July for North Rhodesia, South Africa, to visit his brother, Wynant Davis Hubbard '21, also an old Harvard football star. According to information received by his friends in Cambridge. Hubbard failed to find his brother and as a result spent one month making a 300 mile tour of lower Africa on a bicycle.

In August Hubbard went on a lion and elephant hunt but came back with an empty bag. One story states that the 200 pound ex-captain spent one night in a tree waiting for lions, but when two came at once, he became excited and his shots went wild, leaving him standed at the top of the tree until daybreak when the two creatures condescendingly retired from the foot of the tree and allowed him a chance to get back to his camp.

Hubbard left Africa ten days ago and is expected in Cambridge about October 15. He will then take up his new position as one of the proctors of Standish Hall.

He had originally planned to be in Cambridge by the opening of college, but owing to his prolonged adventureings in Africa, his place as proctor in Standish has been taken for the time being by F. A. O. Schwarz '24, former president of the CRIMSON, and now a first year student in the Law School.