Cambridge People as Well as Harvard and Radcliffe Students Are Eligible--Enrollment Is Still Open

In connection with his course of evening lectures in the Harvard Graduate School of Education on "Singing in Schools and Communities", Professor A. T. Davison '05, director of the Harvard Glee Club as well as organist and choir master of the University, will this year organize and direct a chorus of Cambridge people and Harvard and Radcliffe students, which will serve as a practice group for the course.

The course, open to both men and women, will meet from 7 to 8 o'clock on Wednesday evenings throughout the year, and anyone may enroll in it whether working for a degree or not. Properly qualified persons not studying in the University may register as special students in the School of Education and take Dr. Davison's course upon payment of the course fee of $35. Persons wishing to secure academic credit for the course must pass an admission examination, but others will receive the same individual attention in the course as those studying for a degree.

The chorus will sing from 8 to 9 o'clock on Wednesday evenings, led by Dr. Davison and students in the course. It will provide practice in conducting and offer its members opportunity for study and enjoyment of the best choral music. Both chorus and class will meet in Fay House, Radcliffe College, Cambridge, and it is still possible to enroll in them.

The instructors in music education believe that the primary purpose of any study of music, in public schools or elsewhere, is to get nearer to understanding and feeling what is excellent and noble and really joyous in music. They believe, also, that no person unfamiliar with or unappreciative of the best music, including folk songs and the choral works of such masters as Bach and Brahms, is capable of carrying out that purpose or even of understanding it.