Debating Council Meets for First Time This Afternoon--May Decide to Join Intercollegiate Debate League

Although the Debating Council planned to have a University team meet the team from Cambridge. England, now touring this country, a late change in the visitors' itinerary has made this contest impracticable.

It had been planned to duplicate the Symphony Hall debate of last fall, when the University men met the Oxford team, but the date finally offered Harvard was much too early to permit the formation of a team. Despite this the Council hopes to be able to entertain the Englishmen, although there will be no formal debate.

The active season of the Council will begin today with a meeting in Weld 43 at 5.30 o'clock when plans for some event to take the place of the Cambridge debate will be discussed. At this time the Council will also consider whether or not it will accept an invitation to join the Eastern Intercollegiate Debate League. A vacancy has been created by the resignation of Cornell, probably occasioned by geographical distance from the other members. The other members of the league are Amherst, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, Wesleyan, Williams, and Yale.