Hold Fast Three Mile Workout Today--Will Help Farrell in Picking Team--Dormitory Meet Today

With the Middlebury meet only five days away, Coach Farrell is starting more intensive training for the University cross-country team. Today a fast three mile workout will be held, probably on the Freshman track on Soldiers Field. Though this fast workout is distinctly not a time trial, it is expected that Coach Farrell will base his choice for Friday's meet largely on today's results.

Of the ten men who will run, five are sure of their positions, Captain W. L. Chapin '25, H. R. Cutcheon '25, W. L. Tibbetts '26, LeB. R. Barker '26, and B. E. Swede '27, Freshman captain last year.

Today the first of the dormitory cross-country races will take place. There will be two more later and the dormitory which wins the most points in these three races will enhance its chances for the Dormitory Athletic Cup.

In talking with a CRIMSON reporter, Coach Farrell emphasized the fact that inexperienced men are at no disadvantage. To illustrate his point, he mentioned that Cutcheon and Chapin, two of the best track men in the University, had no experience before they reported for Freshman cross-country.

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