Today's principal gridiron contests have a decided "big game" tinge. With the exception of Harvard and Princeton, all the leading eastern universities are meeting strong opposition. The games which are attracting most attention are those of Yale-Army, Pennsylvania-Lafayette, and Dartmouth-Brown. The morale of each of these teams as it takes the field this afternoon will be the determining factor in its game.

Yale Due to Lose

Although Yale has shown a remarkable ability to come from behind and score, three hard games in succession have taken their toll of injuries, and have been constant drains upon her reserve strength. Therefore, Army is figured to triumph over the Eli eleven tomorrow by the margin of one touchdown in a game which will be as spectacular as any of its predecessors. Possessing as it does, a backfield containing last year's All-American, Wilson, and the equally famous Hewitt, formerly of Pittsburgh, the Army will send a team on the field determined to achieve its first victory in the Bowl.

By figuring Brown to win over Dartmouth, 14 to 0, consideration is taken of the battering which the Green forwards were forced to take in their recent battles with Yale and Harvard. It seems impossible they can be as effective in tomorrow's clash as they have been before, and Brown's flashy backfield is expected to provide an offensive which will be invincible.

Princeton To Have Easy Day

Princeton will probably play numerous substitutes in its encounter with Swarthmore, but will probably not have much difficulty in scoring two touchdowns. Ewing's skill as a drop-kicker is expected to bring at least three points to the Tiger eleven via that route.

Columbia Cornell Game a Toss-Up

The game between Columbia and Cornell offers the greatest difficulties to the dopester. Should either team play inspired football today, it will win Cornell has the advantage of playing on its own field, but the certainly that the Blue and White will send a fighting team into the game determined to bring to a successful conclusion the season which started so auspiciously under Percy Haughton makes Columbia a 10 to 7 favorite in our opinion.

Boston College is expected to have little opposition from the much-touted Haskell Indians, and a margin of three touchdowns will probably separate the teams when the final whistle blows.

Depleted by injuries, Holy Cross will not be able to send its full strength against Vermont, and will possibly be held to a two touchdown victory. The Lafayette-Pennsylvania game played on Franklin Field this afternoon will bring together two undefeated elevens, and the superiority of the Maroon international backfield is expected to bring them a win by one touchdown. Penn's dropkicker, Craig, is expected to score from the field.


The outcomes of today's football encounters will be:

Army 13, Yale 7.

Brown 14, Dartmouth 10.

Princeton 17, Swarthmore 0.

Columbia 10, Cornell 7.

Boston College 28, Haskell 6.

Holy Cross 13, Vermont 0.

Lafayette 7, Pennsylvania 3.