Injured Veterans Expected to Start Against West Point After Week of Rest

New Haven, October 31.--For the third consecutive year the entire Bowl is sold out for the Army-Yale game which will take place tomorrow. In 1921 when West Point was again placed on Yale's schedule, after a lapse of several years, the crowd fell just 6,000 short of filling the huge stadium with its capacity of 75,000. But in 1922 and 1923 every seat was occupied and this year the demand for tickets has increased to such an extent that they are as much sought after as those for the Princeton and Harvard contests. While the rivalry between Yale and the Army is probably not so intense as that between the Big Three, the annual battle has become one of the greatest spectacles in intercollegiate football. The military manoeuvres performed by some 1200 cadets in the Bowl, prior to the game, attract thousands that ordinarily take little interest in the gridiron classics.

Regulars Out of Scrimmage

On Monday Coach Jones put the first team through a light workout and dummy scrimmage. Captain Lovejoy and Quarterback Bench were not in uniform as a result of muscle bruises sustained in the Brown game. Failing, who has been out with bronchitis, and Harry Scott, whose injury last Saturday proved to be slight, took part in the dummy scrimmage. When the University eleven lined up for a scrimmage against the scrubs on Tuesday, there were missing from the regular line-up the two ends, Bingham and Luman: Bench, quarterback; Lovejoy, center; and Pond and Cottle from the backfield. All these men were at the field in uniform except Captain Lovejoy, who was in street clothes and who followed the scrimmage with the coaches. The large lay-off was the result of a decision to rest some of the players while others were out on account of slight injuries.

The second and last scrimmage of the week was held yesterday. Lovejoy, Bench and Luman again remained on the side lines. All three, however, will be able to play Saturday.

In the scrimmage Burt was at center in place of Lovejoy and Osborne took Luman's position at right end. Bunnell ran the team at quarterback. Cottle hurt his ankle slightly towards the end of the session and was replaced by Dan Lindley.

Blue Runs Riot Against Scrubs

The University made three touchdowns against the scrubs, using close formations throughout the scrimmage. The first score was contributed by Allen on a plunge through center. The second was by Cottle on an end run, one of the few called for during the afternoon, while Allen scored the third in another short plunge. The University kept the ball practically all the time and the scrubs never threatened the first team goal-line.

There were several old players at the field including John K. Kilpatrick, Ralph Bloomer, Morris Ely, George Goss, Ted Lilley, Jack Field, "Cupie" Black., Eli Cutler and Dan Cook.

The team will line up against the cadets as follows: Bingham and Luman, ends; Butterworth (or Root) and Joss, tackles; Wortham and Sturhahn, guards; Lovejoy, center; Bench, quarterback; Pond and Allen, halfbacks; Cottle, fullback.

Yale hopes to beat West Point without using any of the trick plays which are being held in reserve for Princeton and Harvard. Garbisch and Wilson of the Army are the players most feared by the Elis.