The annual fall clothing drive of the Phillips Brooks House Association will begin today under the joint direction of H. K. Thayer '25 and C. G. T. Lundell '27, Social Service Secretary of Phillips Brooks House.

The clothing that is collected each year is distributed throughout the world through the agency of such charitable institutions as the Near East Relief Fund. It also is used to supplement the work of the Association at the settlement houses of Boston.

Long, Cold Winter in View

With a particularly cold and long winter at hand, according to the predictions of the weather man, there will be an unusually large demand for warm clothing for the poor. With this fact in view, the Phillips Brooks House is endeavoring to do all in its power to make the drive a success.

The collectors who have been appointed, and their districts, are as follows:

Andover, Granville Hicks 2T.S.

Perkins, 1-22, E. L. Bates 2G.B.; 23-44, C. G. Arant 2G.B.; 45-66, R. E. Anderson 1G.B.; 67-88, J. P. Bethel 1G.

Conant, 3-20, E. R. Copps Sp.; 21-32, C. F. Behrens 1G.; 33-48, L. M. Beattle 3G.

Divinity, 1-20, J. L. Adams 1T.S.; 21-42, A. B. Crummy 2L.

Walter Hastings, 1-31, Leonard Wheeler 3L; 31-60, A. A. Barnhard 1L.

Yard Dormitory Collectors

Thayer, South Entry, 21-32, H. L. Cabitt '25; 33-44, J. E. Beck '25. Middle Entry, 1-10, F. F. O'Donnell '25; 11-20, J. C. Murphy '25. North Entry, 45-57, E. M. Cole '26; 58-68, R. M. Parker '26.

Weld, South Entry, 1-13, C. J. Burns '25; 14-27, S. B. Kelley '25. North Entry 28-39, Sterling Dow '25; 40-54, Philip Walker '25.

Grays, East Entry, E. M. Beals '25, Middle Entry, G. D. Dorman '25. West Entry, J. E. Toulmin '25.

Matthews, 1-15, J. H. Wright '25; 16-30, G. L. Clarke '27; 31-45, C. F. Avila 2ELS.; 45-60, G. B. Beaman 2E.S.