Personnel of 1928 Team to Be Decided Before Christmas

Over 45 Freshman foilsmen are reporting three days a week at the fencing room in Hemenway to receive instruction in the use of the swords. The large, number of Freshmen who signed up for the sport before the close of the fall season, has resulted in the issue of no definite call for candidates for the Freshman fencing team, the instructors having all the novices they can take care of at the present time.

After several weeks more of instruction in the fundamentals of the art, a tournament will be held among the members of the classes to determine the personnel of the Freshman team. Coach J. L. Danguy hopes to be able to pick the team before the Christmas vacation so that practice can be started immediately after the holidays in preparation for the Freshman matches which have been scheduled for the latter part of February and the early part of March.

The University squad, which has been working intensively since the beginning of the school year, also practices three times a week in the fencing room under the direction of Coach Danguy. Individual instruction of the various members of the squad has occupied most of the coach's time until now, but the swordsmen hold informal tournaments among themselves and with the graduate fencers who have returned this year to practice with the team.