Meeting Tomorrow Night Will Hear Professor Woods and Hivale Talk on Conditions in India

The first of a series of mission forum groups for discussion of the countries of the Orient will be held in the Parlor of Phillips Brooks House tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. The purpose of this course of lectures is to give University men an idea of life in the countries of the Orient, of the Oriental point of view, and of the opportunities for Christian work there.

At the first meeting Professor James Haughton Woods '87 and B. P. Hivale 3G, will be the speakers. Professor Woods will talk on "Indian Idealism". He has spent three years in India, during which he studied at the Hindu University of Benares and went up into the Himalayas, where he lived the life of a native Indian.

Mr. Hivale is at present studying at the University. He is a native of Bombay, and intends to return to teach at the University of Bombay when he receives his degree. His subject will be "What India Thinks of Missionaries".

To Give Illustrated Lecture

On December 3 a second meeting will be held at which another man familiar with conditions in India will speak. The Reverend Dr. Alden Clark, who is undertaking a large social service enterprise in Bombay and knows the conditions there, will give an illustrated lecture to bring his audience into touch with a vital form of work being done in India.