Aided by the unusually favorable weather conditions which have greeted his oarsmen this fall. Coach E. A. Stevens has continued to hold daily practice for two of the crews under his direct jurisdiction.

When it has been too cold to go out on the Charles, the oarsmen meet at Newell, and led by Captain S. B. Kelley '25, run from two to four miles as part of the conditioning program which Coach Stevens has mapped out for the squad.

Leavitt Replaces Righter on Crew X

With the exception of V. F. Righter '26, at number three, crew X has maintained the same lineup for the past eight weeks. Righter stopped rowing about two weeks ago to join Coach Bigelow's squad of hockey candidates, and during the workouts since that time his position has been filled by Kent Leavitt '26, who rowed on the championship Sophomore class crew last spring.

The launches were taken out of the water a week ago, when a cold snap covered the Charles with a thin sheet of ice, and Coach Stevens is deprived of giving the eights his strict personal supervision. This has not hindered the usual practice sessions, and Coach Stevens stated recently that he will continue rowing as long as weather conditions permit, and as long as the present degree of progress keeps up. He reiterated his former statement that his crews this fall are so far superior to those of last year that there is no basis for comparison.

Platt and Gates Make Good

Two sophomores have made a particularly good position this fall. Geoffrey Platt '27, captain of last year's Fresh man eight, and J. W. Gates '27, who rowed at seat four in the same beat, have held their seats in crew X at seats seven and six respectively in the face of stern opposition. While the present seating order cannot be taken as indicative of the way the crews will row in the spring, the present lineup will undoubtedly serve as a nucleus around which Coach Stevens will build the first eight which rows against Yale in June.

Speed has been sacrificed for form in the workouts this fall, and Coach Stevens has been rewarded by a first crew which seems to be getting together better with every day of practice.

Rice Strokes Second Combination

Crews Y and Z, which Coach Stevens had under his survey during the earlier weeks of rowing, have been combined in to a single eight. This crew has no definite seating order, being made up of those men who are able to row each day. W. R. Rice '27 is stroking this shell at present.

J. W. Adie '26, who earned his letter at number four on the crew which raced Yale last year, reported for rowing shortly after the close of the football season. He has devoted most of his time thus tar to work on the machines. George Mumford '25, who stroked the University crew two years ago, and who has not been rowing this fall because of an operation is also working out on the machines.