The Dramatic Club will follow its custom this year in presenting a mediaeval miracle play in connection with the Club's annual large production. A French play on the subject of the Nativity will be given this year instead of an English miracle as in the past two years. Eduardo Sanchez '26, president of the club, has translated the piece from the old French; and in order to give the proper mediaeval atmosphere, the cathedral back-ground in the Germanic Museum will be used as a stage.

December 16 and 17 are the dates announced for the production. Each evening two performances will be given, they will be open only to those people who bought tickets for the Dramatic Club's large production "Pedro the King" which is to be performed on December 8, 10 and 11.

Glee Club Will Assist

Rehearsals are now under way with a cast of eighteen, the personnel of which will be announced later. In spite of the size of the east, the whole action takes a little less than an hour, thus making it possible to go through it twice in one evening. The University Glee Club will render the chants and choruses necessary in the action of the play.

The manucript from which the text of the translation is derived was written in the late fourteenth century and is now preserved at Chantilly. It was intended to be acted by the white sisters of Huy with the assistance of the pious women of the neighborhood, a fact which accounts for the presence of shepherdesses in the plot, along with the conventional shepherds.

Plays from the English Townoley cycle of miracle plays were given by the Dramatic Club last year under similar circumstances. This year's play is understood to have a much more ecclesiastical atmosphere and to contain less coarseness than the English plays.