Why Did Osterhout Leave?

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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

A letter was recently published in this column stating, in connection with the Baker episode, that it was impossible to find support for Art at Harvard, but that money was easily obtained for "science" and scientific research.

I sympathize with the first part of this statement, but feel that the humor of the second should not pass unnoticed. Limiting consideration to one department the absurdity of the claim is evident to all those with memories of the quarters, equipment, and personnel of Biology I. More detailed and saddening points may be found is the recent article of Dr. Barbour in the Alumni Bulletin on "Biology at Harvard". This article, which contains considerable truth, would not lead one to think that Biology was being systematically built up here, bus rather that what remains is the remnant of a more prosperous period of twenty years ago. Are we to suppose that this condition is in no way related to a certain indifference of the present administration toward this department and its future?

Finally, as regards the sponsoring of biology research here, is not the recent (and too much unnoticed) resignation of Dr. Osterhout from the University parallel to the department of Prof. Baker." E. S. Castle '25.