Burgess, Gordon, Hammond, Hill, Samborski Report for Early Work-Out--Slattery Stresses Bunting and Sliding

With the end of the schedules of several other sports, the baseball squad is daily receiving new additions. F. S. Hill '24 and G. W. Burgess '25 have reported for practice now that hockey is buried until next year and J. W. Hammond '25 is expected out in the near future. Lewis Gordon '24, captain of the basketball team, and A. W. Samborski '25, who recently injured his ankle, are expected to join the squad when they have sufficiently recovered from the effects of the season they have just finished. J. J. Maher '26 who had to drop basketball on account of his health, is still unable to come out for active practice, '26 are now practicing regularly with J. C. McGlone '26 and M. A. Cheek Jr. '26 are now practicing regularly with the squad, the former of whom is being coached so far as a pitcher.

During the past week Coach Slattery has devoted a great deal of attention to bunting. He believes it is a detail too often neglected even in professional baseball and he has been giving individual instruction in it. Practice in sliding has been featured for the last few days and will probably be continued.

The Freshman squad under Coach Davidson is gradually getting into condition and several candidates are already showing promise. Among the most likely looking pitchers are R. H. Booth of Exeter and G. M. Gates of Milton while H. S. Gans is out-distancing other candidates for the catching position.