University Of Oregon Prepares West's Testimonial To "Great Preceptor" For His Birthday next Thursday

A testimonial to President Eliot, has been prepared at the University of Oregon for presentation to him on his ninetieth birthday. Mr. P. L. Campbell '86, president of the University of Oregon, and Professor F. S. Dunn '94, professor of Latin at the University of Oregon, have been largely instrumental in the preparations for the testimonial.

The message has been written in Latin by Professor Dunn and inscribed on parchment in hand script. The translation of the message reads as follows:

"The sun does not yoke his steeds so remote from the Yard and the Square, that we on this occident shore, whither also Harvard's alumni have ventured, are insensate to your ninety beautiful years. To think that your ninety years look back to that little day when this great western domain that has since contributed generously to Harvard's generations was scarcely known but in name!

"O great preceptor, the University of Oregon, now presided over by one of your own disciples, would be enrolled among those who happily gather today to salute you. And the legend we would most reverently and cordially inscribe within the encircling wreath would be the vow that Rome once gave to her Augustus or her Constantine Vota X."