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"The first two 150-pound crews are now able to row a 36 to 40 stroke in good form," said Coach Newell yesterday and speaking with reference to the first 150-pound race on May 10 with Columbia and Pennsylvania, he said, "I think I can say now that anybody who comes up against us this year will be in for a real race."

The vacation work was largely responsible for getting the two crews into shape and since this strenuous daily work was undertaken at the suggestion of the oarsmen themselves, Coach Newell highly commended the men and their marked improvement.

Will Make Few Changes in Seating

While Coach Newell would not state definitely that the present line-ups of his first two eights were permanent, he admitted that at present there was little to choose between them, and that work during the balance of the week will be directed to ascertaining which crew was superior. He also intimated that while changes in the present seating arrangement were possible, they would probably be few if all the men who are now rowing remain eligible.

P. S. Walgren '26, who is one of Coach Newell's more experienced oarsmen, and who has been rowing at number six on Crew B, is out at present with a badly infected hand. Coach Newell expects him to return sometime next week. Meanwhile, his seat is being filled by F. H. Kennard '24.

To Compete For Chance to Row May 10

Practice during the next two weeks will be conducted with the Pennsylvania-Columbia race on May 10 as the objective. The crew which demonstrates its consistent superiority before that time will be the one representing the University in this race.

Crew A.--Stroke, Hollis French '26; 7, B. H. Hayes '26; 6, H. P. Sharp '25; 5, H. E. Hedburg '26; 4, F. P. Taft '26; 3, H. K. Prince '24; 2, J. G. W. Thomas '24; bow, J. E. Brookhouse '25; cox, W. E. Beer Jr. '26.

Crew B.--Stroke, Dudley Merrill '26; 7, Robert Blaney '26; 6, F. H. Kennard '24; 5, J. D. Morrill '26; 4, Warren Jenney '26; 3, Richard Collins Jr. '26; 2, R. C. Roebling '26; bow, R. A. Ames '25; cox., Lyon Boston '26.

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