Tiger Runners Leave Crimson Runners Far Behind--Score 86 to 48

The story of the Freshman track team at Princeton on Saturday is very similar to that of the University defeat. Both teams seemed to have similar chances of victory when they went down to Princeton, and both suffered overwhelming defeats by very nearly the same scores, the score in the University meet being 89 2-3 points to 45 1-3, while the Freshman scoreboard read 89 to 48.

The star of the meet, as far as Harvard was concerned, was Haggerty, who won the half-mile in two minutes and also took first in the mile in four minutes 33 3-5 seconds. Miller was high scorer in the meet, taking first in both the shot put and javelin throw, and third in the 100 yards dash.

The summary:

100-Yard Dash.--Won by Adams (P); second, Lundell (H); third, Miler (H). Time 10 2-5s.

220-Yard Dash.--Won by Lundell (H); second, McReady (P); third, Wetherbee (P). Time, 22 2-5s.

120-Yard High Hurdles.--Won by Howell (P); second, Avery (P); third Magoun (H). Time, 16s.

220-Yard Low Hurdles.--Won by Howell (P); second, Avery (P); third Magoun (H). Time 26 3-5s.

440-Yard Dash.--Won by Packard (P); second, Clark (P); third Posey (P). Time, 51 2-5s.

880-Yard Run.--Won by Haggerty (H). second, Hodgemen (P); third, Keller (P). Time 2m.

Mile Run.--Won by Haggerty (H); second, Gallagher (P); third, McMamit (H). Time 4m. 33 3-5s. (new record).

Two-Mile Run. Won by Pitman (P); second, Swede (H); third, McNamara (P). Time, 10m. 13 3-5s.

Broad Jump.--Won by Dikeman (P); second, Smith (H); third, Moore (P) Distance, 21ft 1in.

High Jump.--Tie for first between Blake (P)and Luckett (P) third, Steinmetz (P). Height, 5ft. 10 1-4in.

Pole Vault.--Won by Bradely (P); second, Faust (P); third, Castleman (P). Height, 11ft. 6in. (new record).

Shot Put.--Won by Miller (H); second; Lundell, (H); third, Sanson (P). Distance, 37ft. 9 1-2in.

Hanlmer Throw.--Won by Kilgour (H); second, Furber (P); third. Charles (P). Distance, 124ft. 9 1-2in.

Discus Throw.--Won by Seerie (P); second Brown (H); third, Bayes (P). Distapce; 119ft. 9 1-2in. (new record).

Javelin Throw.--Won by Miller (H); second, Peine (P); third, Shober (H). Distance, 148ft.