Watters Runs Fast Half and Carpenter Breaks Discus Record--Many Favorites Fail to Come Through as Expected

While the University and Freshman baseball teams were snatching unhoped-for victories from the Princeton baseball teams on Soldiers Field on Saturday afternoon, the University and Freshman track teams were going down to unexpected defeat before the Princeton track teams in the Palmer Stadium, the University by a score of 89 2-3 to 45 1-3 points, and the Freshmen, of 86 to 48.

The overwhelming defeat of the University may be called a decided track upset. On the eve of the contest, the two teams had seemed of very nearly equal strength. It was conceded that Princeton had a slight scoring advantage, but Harvard was allowed better than an outside chance to gather together the 68 points necessary to win the meet. Consequently, the tigers overwhelming, two-to-one victory was distinctly upsetting to all predictions.

Allen Fails to Win Quarter

Allen, for example, had been slated as a sure winner in the 440 yards dash. But actual competition on Saturday found him taking third place to Croft and Hitzrot of Princeton in a 50 1-5 quarter. Cutcheon, the favorite for the mile, was beaten by Taylor of Princeton in 4 minutes 29 2-5 seconds. Fletcher had seemed good for second place in both the high and the low hurdles and although he was within touching distance of the Princeton hurdles all the way down the line, he could get no better than third in each race. In the javelin, Kernan, who had been considered another potential first place winner, proved another disappointment when he was forced into second place by Gibson's record breaking throw of 186 feet.

Five Dual Records Bettered

The Princeton track team on Saturday seemed an entirely different organization from the group of athletes who went down to an 81-54 defeat against Yale on a muddy New Haven track on May 10. Aided by a dry track, and stung, perhaps, by the memories of their recent defeat, practically every Princeton athlete outdid his performance in the earlier Yale meet. Five new records were established, and four of them were by Princeton men, not to mention Hills remarkable shot put of 49 feet, which, but for a technicality on the part of the officials, would have established a new collegiate mark.

Post mortems of defeats such as this one are always gloomy business. But if the Princeton defeat on Saturday stimulates the Harvard team to an improvement against Yale this week similar to the improvement shown by Princeton after its defeat two Saturdays ago, Harvard's defeat may be a blessing in disguise. Otherwise, it will have been just