University Second Nine May Smudge Unstained Dean Record

Harvard Seconds  Dean Academy Rice 2b.  c.f. Talbott Keene s.s.  l.f. Smith Field 1b.  3b. Hickey Maher c.  1b. Hartnett Amsden c.f.  3b. Hannaford Chase l.f.  r.f. Grantwood Donaldson r.f.  s.s. Donovan Mann 3b  c. Curry Puffer p.  p. Ford or Nolan

An unbeaten nine from Dean Academy will try to add the University Second team to its string of victims at 4 o'clock this afternoon on the Second team diamond. The Dean outfit has shown read strength all season and has a distinct edge over the Crimson in comparative scores. Wentworth fell before both teams, the Seconds 7 to 3 and Dean 9 to 2.

Coach Stewart's team, however, showed that an undefeated rival meant little when it topped St. John's School on Monday. Puffer will probably be on the mound this afternoon and the line-up will be the same.