Dinner is Given in Honor of F. R. Appleton, Who Retires as Chairman of Overseers Library Committee

The Committee appointed by the Board of Overseers to visit the University Library held its annual meeting and dinner last evening in the Widener Memorial rooms. The Chairman, Mr. Francis R. Appleton '75, of New York, was the host to the Committee and a few other guests. The table was spread the length of the inner library room. The blazing fire in the large marble fire-place, carved English oak walls, cases brilliant with gilded morocco bindings, high-backed, crimson-upholstered chairs borrowed from the Farnsworth House, silver, linen and candle-light, combined to give a setting more familiar in stories of English college life than in a twentieth century American University.

Those present, were, besides Mr. Appleton, President Lowell '77, Professor A. C. Coolidge '37, Director of the Library, Messrs. William Thomas '78 of San Francisco, Charles A. Coolidge '81 of Boston, Roger Wolcott '99 of Milton, Henry S. Van Duzer '75, and Clarence L. Hay '08 of New York, Henry S. Howe '69 of Brookline, Francis R. Hart and Charles H. Taylor '89 of Boston, Augustin H. Parker '97 of Charles River, William C. Lane '81, Librarian of the College Library, Harold Murdock H. '16, Director of the Harvard Press, and George P. Winship '93 of the Widener Memorial Library.

Mr. Appleton announced that this was his farewell dinner to the Committee, of which he has been a member since 1902, and its Chairman for 20 years. President Lowell spoke of Mr. Appleton's many services to the University, both before and during this period, in which he has been one of the most faithful, and helpful members of the Board of Overseers, serving on its Visiting Committees for the School of Architecture, the Classics, Fogg Museum and the Division of the Fine Arts, besides the University Library.

Mr. Van Duzer, on behalf of the members who have served with Mr. Appleton on the Visiting Committee, presented him with an etched plate showing a view of the front of the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library Building.