Undefeated University and Freshman Golfers to Meet Blue Team on Rhode Island Links Tomorrow

Two undefeated Crimson golf teams--the University and Freshman--will travel to Nyatt, R. I., tomorrow, where they will meet undefeated Eli teams on the Rhode Island Country Club Course. The University contest is expected to produce some of the best intercollegiate golf of the season, with the issue uncertain until the final match. It will be the first time in some years for a Freshman golf team to oppose Yale and in spite of its inexperience, the Freshmen are expected to provide the Elis with close competition.

Yale Has Two Star Golfers

A comparison of the Crimson with the Yale University golfers, shows a well-balanced Crimson team of consistently good players against an Eli aggregation that boasts two stars of the first magnitude. Cummings, the present intercollegiate champion, has been playing at number one so far with almost unbroken success. Captain Bowles has been showing a remarkable game that should leave him high in the ranking after the Intercollegiates.

Captain R. M. Clough '24 will take C. L. Peirson '25, Clark Hodder '25, J. J. Mapes '25, W. G. Soule '25 and A. R. Parker Jr. '26, with him to Nyatt. The University has not had such a successful season in years and the Crimson golfers are hoping to upset the dope by tumbling the Yale outfit from its present supremacy.

Crimson Freshmen Stand Even Chance

With an 8 to 1 victory ever Water-town High School, last year's inter-scholastic champions, to its credit, the 1927 golfers will oppose the Yale Freshmen at the same time as the University match. E. S. Stimpson, Dwight Barnum, E. D. Cole, Paul Sullivan, Shiras Morris Jr., and J. A. Vogel will compose the Freshman team and will probably play in that order. They have had the advantage of daily practice on the Oakley Country Club course, and Stimpson and Barnum, in particular, have shown remarkable promise so far. Most of the players have had little experience before this year, but they showed consistently accurate play against Water-town, and should stand an even chance of winning