Crimson's Census Raises New Query by Showing Only Three Heads in Ten Support Straws in Harvard's Fashion Parade

Another unsolved mystery has been added to Harvard's list. Strange disappearances, unaccountable deaths, Phi Betes on probation--all of these have been a part of Harvard's varied history. Another chapter was added last night, another unanswered question asked.

Why do Harvard students continue to wear felt hats in the middle of June? Straw hats, the dealers say, have been the genteel headgear for men for nearly a month, yet statistics compiled by a CRIMSON reporter late yesterday afternoon showed three out of ten Harvard men wear straws.

Standing in front of Leavitt and Peirce's for half an hour, the reporter obtained the following statistics: felt hats 109, straw hats 79, no hats 28, caps 24. There was also one postman in uniform. The weather was warm and sunny.

Most of the passers-by were Harvard students or professors, except those who were caps. Only two of the latter seemed to be undergraduates. The straw hatters gained rapidly for a while, but this gain was discounted when the reporter realized that one man in a battered last year's straw was plodding back and forth between Holyoke House and a second-hand bookstore, each time disposing of a high stack of text books.