New Holder of Seat 2 in First Boat Was Dropped Before Spring Recess--Promoted to Second Crew Later

New London, Conn., June 10.--J. R. Hoover '24, number two oarsman on the Second University crew, advanced to the same seat in the first eight this morning. The exchange, which sent G. S. Manford '25 to seat two in the junior boat, was made in the morning, remaining unchanged in the afternoon. Coach Stevens expects that, the change will be permanent, but he made no statement as to further shifts.

Today's shake-up comes when followers of Crimson crews had expected no more changes. The favorable reports of coaches and managers on the appearance of the first crew since the promotion of Jameson and Johnson early last week had led every one to to believe that the remaining days of practice would be devoid of shifts.

Hoover Has Risen Rapidly

Hoover's rise in the past few weeks has been as sudden as either Jameson's or Johnson's. He was dropped with the third University crew just prior to the departure of the first squad for Philadelphia for practice on the Schuylkill river during the spring recess. Thereafter he rowed on the Senior Class Crew. When the decision was made to incorporate, the Sophomore A crew into a second University crew to row in the American Henley Regatta at Philadelphia, Hoover with Johnson was advanced to the second crew. He retained his position when the crews went to Red Top and follows Johnson into the first combination about a week after the latter's promotion.

The two University crews are going over the four-mile course daily. The morning work-out specializes in practice starts, while that in the afternoon is confined to a stiff-pull over the distance.

Yale To Leave For Philadelphia

Meanwhile, the Yale crews are making ready to leave for Philadelphia where they will be entered in the preliminary heats of the Olympic trials on Friday, and judging from Yale's success this season, the Blue eight will also be in the finals on Saturday. The Eli oarsmen leave Gales Ferry at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. If they win on Saturday, they will not return until Sunday evening, but if they lose they will be on deck at Gales Ferry in time for breakfast on Sunday morning.

During the last ten days Coach Leader has been devoting his entire attention to preparation for this race. The morn- ing paddle has consisted of short spurts with particular emphasis upon starts. A long row features the afternoon spin on the Thames, culminating in a sprint over the mile and one-quarter course, the distance to be rowed on the Schuylkill this week-end.

Eight crews are now entered in the Olympic trials at Philadelphia on Friday. Two heats will be run off. Yale is entered in the first; that with the Annapolis first and junior crews and the Undine Barge Club eight. Pennsylvania, M. I. T., the Annapolis Alumni crew, and the New York Athletic Club combination are entered in the second heat. There is still a chance of one more entry. Coach Callow, whose Washington crew has been making such excellent time on the Hudson over the mile distance, is contemplating sending his crew to Philadelphia for the Olympic trials.

Farnham Will Return Tomorrow

Farnham has not yet returned to seat two on the Freshman eight but is likely to do so tomorrow morning Gates, who is now at two, will probably go to four while Shurtleff will return to the Combination crew.

Of Red Top interest is the Waiters Managers baseball game scheduled for Friday, in which manager Baldwin will pitch for the managers and Headwaiter Jones for the waiters