Princetonians Hit Spalding in Seventh for Four of Their Seven Hits

Harvard caught a bit of the big league atmosphere yesterday afternoon at Fen way Park and played like champions, winning the rubber game from Princeton 5 to 3 in ten torrid innings. With the exception of a flurry in the seventh inning when Princeton bunched four of her seven hits and scored all three of her runs, Spalding had the Tigers eating out of his hand. He pitched a game worthy of a big league setting.

A flip of a coin had made Princeton the "home" team, but it was the Crimson that seemed more at home after the game had begun. Todd roamed the spacious left field stretches like a veteran and twice he climbed the steep bank to make sensational clutches under the shadow of the fence, Hammond patrolled second base admirably. In the third and again in the tenth he robbed Dins more of apparently certain hits. The latter play, a back-hand catch of a vicious liner, brought the crowd to its feet with a spontaneous roar of applause. Jenkins was a bulwark of strength at short-stop.

Spalding Has Excellent Support

With this sort of support Spalding was tremendously effective, but even with mediocre backing he might have pulled through a winner. The Tigers filled the bases in the opening round on two hits and a pass, but failed to score. Dignan beat out a bunt in the fifth and stole second, where upon Spalding calmly caught him napping off the bag. These three hits and the four in the seventh were the only ones the Crimson twirler allowed.

Townsend, on the other hand, was unable to shut off Harvard hits when hits meant runs. Captain Jenkins emerged from his batting slump with a bang, making three clean hits and scoring the winning run in the tenth. Todd also did yeoman work with the willow, driving out two singles and a slashing two bagger. Gordon, after four failures to hit, lined a single to center in the tenth that broke up the game.

Rogers Doubles

Rogers doubled to the left field wall in the second with two out, but was left. This was Harvard's sole hit until the fourth when Todd singled with one gone and scored on Hammond's mighty drive to center, which the fleet-footed Smith held to two bases. Samborski hit safely to start the fifth. Spalding pushed him along with a perfect sacrifice, and Jenkins scored him with a line single to right center.

This two-run lead looked good until Princeton's lucky seventh. Edwer struck out docilely enough, but Cooper got a single when Rogers just failed to make a diving catch of his short fly. Lewis looped a single to short center that Jenkins just failed to reach. Campbell made a good play on Dignan's fiery grounder. Cooper and Lewis moving along a base. Caldwell, still smarting from the sting of his beating in the first Harvard game, went in to pinch hit for Foster. He missed a healthy swing at a Spalding slow ball, but connected with the next one for two bases, and the score was tied. A moment later Caldwell romped home on a single by Dinsmore and the Tigers were one up.

In the eighth Jenkins singled, through Dinsmore. Campbell bunted and both men were safe when Townsend foolishly threw to second. Gordon's bunt was poor and Jenkins was barely nipped at third. Todd hit to Dinsmore, forcing Gordon, but the Crimson left fielder beat the throw to first. Meanwhile Campbell was sprinting for home and he slid in safely with the tying run when Lewis dropped the first baseman's throw. Hammond was retired on a pretty play, Dinsmore to Dignan.

There was no more excitement until the Harvard tenth when Jenkins again started trouble with a hit to right after one was out. Campbell hit in front of the plate and was out at first, Jenkins advancing: Gordon singled to center so sharply that Jenkins held up at third, but the Crimson leader kept on to the plate when Smith's throw went through Lewis to the backstop. Todd made a sure thing more sure by doubling to right, scoring Gordon with a superfluous run. Spalding made short work of the Tigers in the last half.

Harvard  a.b.  r.  b.h.  p.o.  a.  e.Jenkins s.s.  4  1  3  4  3  0Campbell 1b.  4  1  0  10  1  0Gordon c.f.  5  1  1  3  0  0Todd l.f.  5  1  3  3  0  0Hammond 2b.  4  0  1  4  2  1Rogers r.f.  4  0  1  2  0  0Hill 3b.  4  0  0  0  0  0Samborski c.  4  1  1  3  1  0Spalding p.  3  0  0  1  3  0Total  37  5  10  30  10  1Princeton  a.b.  r.  b.h.  p.o.  a.  e.Foster r.f.  2  0  1  1  0  0Caldwell r.f.  2  1  1  1  0  0Dinsmore s.s.  3  0  1  0  8  0Townsend p.  5  0  1  1  2  0Boohecker 8b.  4  0  0  3  3  0Smith c.f.  4  0  0  3  0  0Euwer l.f.  4  0  0  0  0  0Cooper 2b.  4  1  1  4  4  0Lewis c.  3  1  1  2  2  2Dignan 1b.  4  0  1  15  2  0Total  35  3  7  30  21