Expect to Raise $5000 From Graduate Schools and College--Will Try to Get Something From Everyone

The Phillips Brooks House Association will stage its annual drive for funds this week, beginning tomorrow evening with a dinner at the Phillips Brooks House. The goal has been set at $5000, $4000 of which is the quota expected from undergraduates. R. H. Field '26, treasurer of the Association, is in charge of the drive, E. W. Marshall '26, Davidson Sommers '26, and S. W. Bridges Jr. '26, have been named as sub-chairmen.

Letters are already in the mail inviting 81 prospective collectors to the Brooks House dinner, at which the plan of campaign will be outlined. The intention of the chairman is to have every undergraduate residing in college dormitories and the larger private houses approached personally by the collectors. Students living at home and in small private houses can not be reached individually but they are urged to send their contributions either to the Phillips Brooks House or the CRIMSON Building; Office hours will be maintained at the CRIMSON Building for the remainder of the week.

The drive in the graduate schools will be conducted independently from the undergraduate campaign. W. A. Shimer 3G, secretary of the Graduate Schools Society, R. H. Cutter, 3L, secretary of the Law School Society, F. R. Parks 4M, secretary of the Medical School Committee, and N. G. Newman 3Dn., secretary of the Dental School Society, will be in charge of the collection in their respective branches of the University.