Coaches Mahan and Mitchell Address Candidates--Daily Games to Feature Practice Sessions Throughout Fall

Fifty four men, candidates for the University and Freshman squads, reported for fall baseball practice at the meeting held in the Locker Building yesterday afternoon Coach Mahan found time enough to break away from his gridiren duties, and addressed the candidates He pointed out the need of intelligent work to correct the weak nesses of the various men. Battery Coach Fred Mitcheli also spoke a few words of advice addressed particularly to the pitchers.

Equipment was given to the candi- dates after the meeting, and the squad went out to the field to receive preliminary instructions from Mitchell. Later the men engaged in light batting and hurling practice.

For the remainder of this week the candidates will report at the field at 3 o'clock. Next week, owing to the reversion to standard time, practice will be held at 2 or 2.30. It is the intention of the coaches to keep the men interested by means of daily games between teams chosen from among the candidates. Fall practice will continue probably for only three or four weeks