Mosely, Daley, and Coady on Team Again--Retire to Sidelines During Scrimmage

In a scrimmage of about 50 minutes during which the Seconds were given possession of the hall most of the time, the University football team was scored upon once by the black shirts. Team B was at the time opposing the scrubs, and the score was largely the result of an accident.

The defensive element of the game was stressed for the University players, Coach Fisher sending his men through an unusually long session at the tackling dummy.

That Innes, recently promoted to the red shirts, is being groomed for defensive work in backing up the line was indicated by his being used at the fullback post during the scrimmage when the University eleven was trying to prevent gains by the black shirts. In spite of his light weight, he showed up well in carrying out his defensive assignments.

Injured Players Back

Holy Cross, unless injuries occur during practice, will find the CRIMSON at its full strength next Saturday. Mosely, taken from the Middlebury game with minor injuries, yesterday discarded his crutches and was on the field. Both Daley and Coady were in uniform and took their places on Team A for signal practice. They did not, however, take part in the scrimmage.

The only score of the afternoon was chalked up by the scrubs shortly after they had recovered a University fumble near midfield. After making two first downs against an eleven composed of the Team C line and a backfield of Stafford, Barbee, Clark, and Innes, the Second team lost the ball by a fumble on the 19-yard mark.

Red Shirts Start March

The red shirts here started a march down the field, advancing the ball from their own 19-yard line to the scrubs' 38-yard mark. The University's advance ended there when the ball was fumbled and recoved for the Seconds by Locke.

On the next play, Crawford, scrub quarter, shot a high pass intended for Strong, who was, however, well covered by a University back. Neither Strong nor the back secured the toss, but Hayne, scrub center, recovered the ball before it touched the ground and with a clear field ahead, covered the remaining distance to the goal-line. Braden kicked the goal.

With the exception of the change caused by Daley's return. Team A lined up for signal drill with the same eleven that faced Middlebury on Saturday. Saltonstall, Nash, and Kilgour flanked Macomber on one side; Sayles, Lindner, and Daley were on the other. Captain Check, Miller, Crosby, and Coady carried the ball.

On Team B. Stafford, Zarakov, Barbee, and Innes had for their forward line; Adie and Doherty, ends; Pratt and Taylor, tackles; Hoague and Daniell, guards; Turner, center.