Harvard Graduate Student Blossoms Into Poet With New Volume of Verse--Cullen Has Already Won Poetry Prize

In Countee P. Cullen 1G., Harvard has its second full-fledged student poet.

Yesterday a volume of Cullen's poems was published by Harper Brothers. This volume, entitled "Color," takes its place beside "Corydon and Other Poems" as a book of verse published by a student in the University. "Corydon and Other Poems," written by Lucius M. Beebe '28, appeared a year ago and was well received by many critics. Beebe's volume, however, was his second to appear in the bookstores, his first collection, "Fallen Stars," having been published while he was at Yale.

"Color" is the first published work of Cullen, who is a negro. He has been writing poetry for a number of years, several of his poems appearing in newspapers and magazines.

Coincidental with the appearance of Cullen's first book came the news from Chicago that he had received the John Reed Memorial Prize of $100. This prize was awarded to Cullen for his poem entitled "Threnody for a Brown Girl," which appeared in the May number of the Poetry Magazine.

Cullen's book which appeared yesterday is 108 pages in length, and contains some 70 poems, most of them lyrics. It is in the latter form of verse that Cullen is especially proficient.


Harvard's latest poet came to the University after graduating from New York University. Besides his bent for poetry, he is an excellent student, and attained Phi Beta Kappa honors in N. Y. U.