I am departing from my hitherto unbroken rule of refraining from picking the winner of Harvard games by forecasting the Harvard-Brown game today. Harvard will win, or else let the name of Joe Forecast be dragged forever in the dust. Harvard will win, or else never again let the pen of Joe Forecast be dipped to ink. Harvard will win or else Joe Forecast will lose his far-flung fame, his reputation, and his shirt.

What are odds, be they 2 to 1, 3 to 1, or 5 to 1? What are 200-pound lines and 10-second backfields? With courage in their hearts, with iron in their souls, with the god of battles above them, and Joe Forecast on their side, the men of Harvard will make the greatest comeback of the season's gridiron history.

The other scores for today should be:

Yale 27, Princeton 10

Dartmouth 20, Chicago 7

Army 13, Columbia 7

Boston College 14, West Va. Wesley-an 7

Colgate 7 Syracuse 3

Amherst 47, Williams 7

Bowdoin 14, Tufts 0