Stafford Expected to Be Back for Yale Encounter, However--Lindner Takes Pratt's Tackle Berth

The final week of practice opened yesterday with a northwest gale blowing through the Stadium and a spirit of desperate determination in the air.

Another quarterback was added to the University squad yesterday when George Crawford '28, Second team signal caller, was awarded a red shirt. Crawford's work has been consistently brilliant this fall, his work against Coach Fisher's eleven being particularly valuable in training the University eleven on the plays used by the Crimson's loss.

Two changes in the line marked the light but speedy workout. Lindner, whose work against Brown was of high order, replaced Pratt at tackle, and Kilgour was in Hoague's position at guard.

Stafford to Be Ready for Yale

Hoague and Stafford, injured in the Brown game, are not likely to don uniforms till later in the week, but according to the official report last night all of the cripples are expected to be in shape by Saturday. Daley played on team C yesterday, while Maher, though in uniform, merely jogged around the field.

The snappy signal drill yesterday found Sayles and E. H. Bradford at their end posts, Coady and Lindner at the tackles, C. H. Bratford and kilgour at the guards, and Turner at center. It seems probable that this line will start on Saturday against the formidable Yale barrier.

Cheek Pllots Team A.

Cheek was at quarterback with Crosby, Miller, Zarakov, and Chauncey alternating in the three backfield positions. Cheek and Crosby are sure to start Saturday's game, although whether Cheek fills a quarterback or halfback position depends on the rapidity of Stafford's recovery. The other two backfield posts are still doubtful.

Coady, Barbee, Chauncey, and Moseley all hoisted 70 yard punts yesterday, but with the tremendous gale carrying the ball the kicks were not remarkable. Coady's punting in the Brown game stamped him as a first-class kicker, and if Maher is able to play Saturday Harvard should be well off in case a punting battle should develop.

Seconds Demonstrate Ell Plays

A long blackboard talk yesterday was followed by the kicking drill, while the linemen were sent through their paces by Coach Tierney, Trumbull, and Hubbard. Later the linemen rejoined the backs for signal practice, after which the second team put on a demonstration of Yale plays. Crawford, Cozzens, Goldenson, and Donaldson played the roles of the Eli carriers.

Considerable concern is felt over the condition of Stafford, who played the best game he has shown this season on Saturday.