Agent and Police Wet-Blanket Football Theatre Party--"Too Drunk to Talk to" Is Charge of Tremont Official

The University football squad, for whose entertainment an evening at the Tremont theatre had been planned, yesterday failed to witness "The Cocoanuts" because of the cupidity of an officious police officer and the unreasonable temper of the Tremont theatre's business manager.

Six taxis were engaged by the management to convey the players to the theatre. Upon alighting, the members of the party entered the lobby in a manner that was described by Manager S. de J. Osborne '26 as "not noisy, but quietly keyed up."

An officious arm of the law immediately appeared and declared that the men were drunk, and would have to clear out. Manager Osborne, upon his arrival, spoke to the manager of the theatre, Mr. A. M. Sheehan, while the football squad quietly awaited the outcome of the conclave.

Mr. Sheehan emphatically informed the men that they were drunk, "too drunk to talk to," and the blue-coat ordered the men from the lobby.

At this point, M. A. Cheek '26, captain of the eleven appeared, and tried his powers of oratory upon Boston's finest. His reasonable query, "Who are the men who caused the trouble and who is drunk?", was answered with a brusque "Find that out yourself, and get out."

Before leaving, Manager Osborne and N. S. Howe 26 tried to ascertain the number of the police officer, but when the latter was asked civilly for this information, he completely lost his good temper and fairly shouted, "Get out before I call the patrol wagon!"

Seeing the futility of further argument, the squad abandoned the Four Marx Brothers, and sought justice at the Police Station. The sergeant in charge said he could take no action and advised filing a complaint with the Mayor.

After the players had sought amusement in other Boston theatres, several attempts were made to secure a statement from Mr. Sheehan. At first he refused to talk with anybody about the action he had taken. His manner throughout the proceedings has been described by all witnesses as "very insulting."

When a statement was finally secured, Mr. Sheehan denied that any dispute had occurred, and declared that the players had actually entered the theatre.

Whether further action would be taken by the H. A. A. was not divulged last night.