Series Show Orange and Black Tinge-Rivals Have Fought to Two Ties Since war

When Harvard faces Princeton on the gridiron tomorrow, the Crimson will be battling for its second post war victory over the Tigers. The series between the two old rivals has had a tinge of Orange and Black.

In 1919 Harvard invaded Princeton confidently expecting to win. The tiger eleven boasted of one star back. Trimble, but had an unimpressive record and was not expected to press the undefeated Crimson team.

But Princeton sprang a surprise which nearly brought them victory. A field goal by Murrey and a touchdown by Trimble put them into the lead. 10 to 2, with the game nearly over. In the closing minutes a desperate Harvard rally put Casey over the last line, and Church's goal made the teams deadlocked, 10 to 10.

Battle to 14-14 tie in 1920

Another garrison finish on the part of the Crimson gained them another tie score in 1920. It was one of the most sensational games ever played in the Stadium. Harvard matched down the held at the beginning of the game, Owen scoring, but Lourie, brilliant Tiger pilot, dashed 50 yards for the tying score a few minutes later. At the end of the third period, Keck. All-American tackle, broke through and blocked one of Owen's punts, Princeton recovering on Harvard's 5-yard line, whence Garrity scored.

With the game almost over. Buell and Fitts were rushed into the contest, and began a terrific barrage of forward passes that brought Harvard into scoring distance. A pass from Buell to Macomber, with only a moment to play, and Faxon's goal after Macomber's score, made the game a 14-14 tie.

Princeton finally broke the deadlock in 1921. After three scoreless periods, Owen kicked a goal that gave the Crimson the lead, but shortly afterwards Gilroy of Princeton caught a short forward pass and raced 65 yards for a touchdown. Keck added a field real to make the final figures in to 3.

1922 Sees 10-3 tiger Victory

Princeton duplicated this victory at the Stadium in 1922. In this game Buell the Harvard leader was injured early, and the Harvard team lost its scoring punch. With Cleaves and Crum playing the leading roles, the Roper eleven again triumphed 10 to 3.

Harvard broke into the victory column the following autumn. The Crimson entered the game the under-dog, but soon proved its worth. When in the third period one of Cordingley's long punts hit the leg of a Princeton back, combs fell on the ball, and a moment later Piaffman entered the game and came through with a field goal. A safety in the closing period, which Princeton claimed to have made intentionally, made the final score 5 to 0.

Last year Princeton ran wild through the Crimson line. Gehrke made many tackles in the early part of the game, but he was injured in the second quarter and the Tigers romped through, with Beattie and Slagle leading the procession. The task of gaining revenge for this 34-0 defeat faces Captain Cheek's men tomorrow.