Here's Margery Again!


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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

A statement in your otherwise excellent article on "Margery the Medium" in your issue for October 29, gives a rather erroneous impression as to Mr. Code's motives in acting as an "accomplice" during the last seance. This can best be corrected by a quotation from the original records.

"Dr. Shapley further reports that during trance the Psychic freed the fingers of her left hand from his grasp and appeared to be using them to assist in the production of phenomena. Code reports an similar freeing of the Psychic's right hand during trance and a rather more extensive use of that hand in the production of phenomena."

Obviously, there were two "accomplices," each one being wise enough to say nothing during the seance, as otherwise we should have had no phenomena at all. This use of the hands when the feet were adequately controlled showed us clearly "Walter's" limitations, and greatly contributed to the solution of our problem. Very truly yours,   S. Foster Damon,   Hudson Hoagland,   John Marshall,   Robert Hillyer.