Graham MacNamee Will Report Game Over Radio From Glass House on Top of Palmer Stadium

Undergraduates and graduates who are not going to the Princeton game tomorrow will be able, for the first time, to sit at their own radio sets in Cambridge and get the report of the contest from an eye-witness. There will also be a receiving set in the Living Room of the Union, with an electrical grid-graph, for the convenience of members.

Through arrangements made by Atwater Kent Manufacturing Company, Graham MacNamee of Station WEAF in New York will report the game from his glass house on top of the Palmer Stadium. His report will be transmitted from the microphone in New York direct to Station WEEI, the Boston Edison Company, starting a few minutes before the referee's whistle at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

It has been suggested, for the benefit of those who listen to the game, "that they make a simple gridiron chart on paper beforehand, so that every detail of the progress of the ball and tactics of the players may be followed through out the game."