The Tiger Prepares

Princeton, N. J., November 5, 1926--At a mass meeting of undergraduates that packed Alexander Hall beyond its limit Captain McMillan said; "Captain Cheek of Harvard says Harvard will return with the victory on Saturday. Now either he or I will be a liar after this game is over, because I say Princeton will win.

"This team that you see here," continued the Princeton lender, pointing to the men with him on the platform, "will see to it that it's not me."

Roper, the other speaker at the meeting, amid cheers, said, "The World thinks that Princeton and Harvard are going to fight for the booby prize, and that afterwards we shall lay our heads on the block for Yale.

Nothing of the kind. That Harvard game on Saturday is the first leg of the Big three championship, and Princeton will win that leg it she gives all she has."

Coach Roper kept his first lineup intact today and appears sure that this team will face Harvard. A second backfield, composed of Ewing, Bridges, Weekes, and Beares, seems likely to replace the first quartet of Caulkins, Slagle Dignan, and Gilligan. Weekes has been out with an injury but will probably be in shape by Saturday.