A Harvard Club Approves


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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

On behalf of the Harvard-Club of Berkshire I wish to write you concerning the reception accorded your football program at our annual dinner in Pittsfield on December 1. We considered ourselves fortunate in having a member of your Editorial Board read and discuss your program.

It might perhaps be enough to tell you that the Club unanimously passed a resolution endorsing your attitude towards football and your efforts, as evidenced in this program, toward bringing the game back to where it can again be regarded as a sport. But I believe that it is just as well to add that in the informal discussion which followed the passage of the resolution, many members expressed the hope that the program would succeed. It was generally conceded that this move on your part was constructive, ambitious, and courageous, and showed that the CRIMSON is no longer merely a purveyor of news, but a useful instrument for encouraging and moulding progressive policies.

You have our best wishes for success. Lawrenco K. Lunt, President Harvard Club of Berkshire 1924-25.