Smart Wins Poet Race by Four Vote Margin--Cooke, Aswell, Bliss and Rogers Win

The Senior Class yesterday cast an overwhelming majority of votes for Marion Adolphus Cheek, of Berkeley, California, as First Marshal; Willard Learoyd Tibbetts of South Boston was elected as Second Marshal; John James Maher of Bridgeport, Conn., was elected as Third Marshall. The number of ballots cast was 404, 35 less than last year.

Richard Hinckley Field, of Phillips, Maine, was elected to the office of Treasurer; Charles Allen Smart of Forest Hills, N. Y., was elected to the office of Poet; Almon Goodwin Cooke of New York City was elected to the office of Odist; Edward Campbell Aswell of Nashville, Tenn., was elected to the office of Orator; Elmer Jared Bliss Jr. of Boston was elected to the office of Ivy Orator; Kenneth Morse Rogers of Dorchester was elected to the office of Chorister.

Other Nominations to Follow

Following the announcement of the election returns last night the Senior Nominating Committee stated that the nominations for Secretary, Class Committee, Class Day Committee, and Album Committee will be made public tomorrow.

The majority of votes cast for Cheek was the largest that any candidate has received in recent years. He was the choice for First Marshal of 230 more voters than his nearest competitor. The total vote cast yesterday was smaller than last year's, although much larger than that of the two previous years.


Cooke received the greatest majority outside of the Marshal election, in the contest for Odist. The largest number of ballots, 22 in all, were thrown out in the election of Class Poet. Ballots were thrown, out if the instructions posted at the polls were not followed out.