Topic Allows Levity But Its Serious Aspects Will Be Considered--Will Allow Audience to Express Views

The third meeting of the Debating Union will take place in its former meeting place, the faculty room of the Union, December 16 at 8 o'clock. The subject to be debated is "Resolved: that this house regards Prohibition as a practical joke."

Although this subject will permit a certain amount of levity, the more serious aspects of the question will also be entered upon.

The immediate occasions for this choice of this question are three in number: first, the general knowledge of prevalent drinking among all classes of society; secondly, the recent baning of college girls from attending the football dances in the Copley Plaza this fall; and the recent instance of the ejection of the Harvard Football squad from the Tremont Theatre, all of which are directly traceable to the violation of the Volstead Act.

As at the last meeting, there will be an opportunity for any member of the audience to express his views, and all members of the University are invited. The custom of having a new chairman preside each time will be continued. After the regular speakers have finished, the remainder of the time will be taken up by a general discussion.

At the last meeting the first election of members was held. This meeting will be the last chance for any member of the University to join without any preliminary trial. The advantages of membership are twofold; it gives a member of the audience precedence when he wishes to hold the floor, and it also makes it easy for him to take part as a regular speaker, if he so desires. A president, secretary, and treasurer will be elected at the next meeting. Hereafter, the main discussion will be preceded by a short business meeting open only to members.