Harvard Athletic Association tickets will admit holders to all University basketball games played in Hemenway Gymnasium this winter.

This is a new step, which is intended to encourage interest in the game, as attendance in recent years has declined.

It was also announced that the Dartmouth game, which was to have opened the season on December 15 or 16, has been definitely postponed to Thursday, December 17.

Last year's team won eleven out of thirteen games, and Coach Wachter gave out some information yesterday on this season's prospects.

The team has scrimmaged twice this week, and a good line has been obtained on their relative ability. In the practice skirmish with the Law School five Wednesday, in which the University triumphed 40-13, the floor work of Captain Smith was especially notable.


J. N. Barbee '28, last year's Freshman pitcher, and a member of the University football squad this fall, is making a good bid for one of the two guard positions left vacant by the graduation of last year's backs, Morrison and Samborski. Barbee has the height and physique necessary, but he must speed up his handling of the ball in order to fit regularly into the five-man offense which Coach Wachter advocates.

Freshmen Working Hard

Baldwin, captain of last year's red-shirts, has also shown up well. He is developing into a clever forward, and the factor of his size is likely to be negligible.

These men, with Rauh, Jones, Leekley and Malick, are the ones from whom the first team will be picked.

Scrimmage will be continued until the Dartmouth game, and if the team continues to improve as it has since the season started, a team of good calibre will represent the University on the basketball court.

The Freshman team is also getting into trim for its initial encounter with Tilton Seminary.

Coach Adolph Samborski '25 has picked his first combination, consisting of G. G. Bailey, captain of his team at Hill School. G. N. Burns, who was highly instrumental in Andover's defeat of last year's Freshmen. B. R. Thackaberry of Rivers. S. J. Jaffe, and K. D. Robinson of Choate. These with two first string substitutes. O'Connell and Filoon, will see action against Tilton.

A scrimmage was held yesterday, in which Burns and Thackaberry were the two stars.