Washington, Philadelphia and Southern Cities on Schedule--Specialty Acts to Be Part of Program

The University Instrumental Clubs will launch the first Christmas southern trip of its history immediately after Christmas this year, the management announced last night.

The stopping places on the route have not all been definitely fixed, but the probable schedule of concerts has been made up as follows:

December 26, Dupont Hotel, Wilmington, Del.; December 27, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D. C.; December 28, Opera House, Fredericksburg, Va.; December 29, Carolina Theater, Pinehurst, N. C.; December 30, Academy of Music, Wilmington, N. C.; January 1, High School, Charlotte, N. C.; January 2, O. Henry Hotel, Queensboro, Va.; January 3, Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa.

Thirty-eight men comprising four complete units will make the trip. A special car has been chartered, and will leave Boston with the Federal Express on Saturday, December 26 at 9 o'clock.

Features including a ventriloquist, a full ten-piece orchestra, piano specialies, and a vocal unit will be given.

A similar southern trip, though not so extensive, was made last year, and took in Hartford, New York, Richmond, Stanton, Hot Springs and Sulphur Springs. Another successful trip is expected this year.

The full program, personel and details of the trip will be announced later.