The University crew season got under way yesterday afternoon when candidates or the University, 150-pound, and Freshman crews reported for initial workouts on the machines to Coaches Stevers, Spuhn, and Haines respectively, and their assistance. Practice on the machines, and in the tank will continue until around the middle of March, when the eights will get on the water. Last year President Eliot's birthday, March 21 marked the date when the first Crimson shell was put on the Charles.

Four Men Promoted Already

While practice should be very informal during the next week, Coach Stevens raised four men to the first squad yesterday afternoon as a result of their showing in their initial 1925 appearance or the machines. G. S. Mumford '25, strike of the 1923 University crew, who was prevented from rowing last fall by an operation; J. H. Perkins '27. J. R. Harrison '27, and Ceell Wylde '27 were the oarsmen added to Coach Stevens' first squad yesterday. Harrison and Wide were members of Coach Shaw's 1927 squad last year, but were not among the oarsmen who went to Red Top.

Coach Stevens announced last night that the Saturday running will continue until the crews go on the water. This running is a part of the conditioning program which was inaugurated last year, and it will take the place of rowing on Saturdays until the middle of March.

All Have Chance in Tank


While a definite program for the use the tank has not been mapped out as the probablity is that the first squad have the use of the tank every day accept Thursday from 5.15 o'clock on March Haines 1928 oarsmen will row at Newell every day from 2 to 4 o'clock in Tuesday they will have the rowing room all 5.15 on. This afternoon, and on Thursdays from 5.15 on. This is a considerable advantage over former Freshman crews, and the 1928 oarsmen are expected to profit by the additional opportunity for blade work in water.

Coach Brown's Class crews will row Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the tank from 4 to 5.15 o clock: Coach Brown declared at the crew meeting on Wednesday that he did not favor too much practice indoors, and that running or exercise at some other game such as squash would, in his opinion, go a long way toward obtaining the condition be desired his oarsmen to have.

The Freshman Winter squad is one of the largest in the history of rowing at the University, 125 men reporting regularly to Coach Haines. Every effort has been made since Coach Stavens came to foster rowing, particularly among in experienced candidates, and his efforts are being rewarded by larger squads, and an ever-increasing interest in the sport.