Curtain Settings and Apache Dance Also Shine by Contrast-Otherwise Dullness Pervades Revue at Majestic

An attractive prize will be offered by this department to the person or persons who submit the most reasonable guess as to why the Marx Brothers encumbered themselves with "I'll Say She Is", which reopened last Monday night at the Majestic. The Marxians are so very funny, and the rest of the performance is so extremely dull that, It is difficult to see the music; save as foils. Once the four brothers get under way, however, the complementary portions of the revue are swept along on a tidal wave of applause.

Julius Takes First Honors

The live wire of the production is Julius H. Marx. His aura is that of the Five Points, and his language is the patois of the unwashed, but he makes things go with a bang; and a refined Boston audience laughed with him continuously for two hours and seventeen minutes. Abiy assisted by his partners, he is the life of the party, even when playing opposite Miss Carlotta Miles' un-conecious rendition of La Gioconda.

The Chinese Apache dance by Miss Cecile D'Andrea and Harry Walters is the other non-Marxian bright spot of the play, the first one being-not in the 'order of appearance the Tragedy of Gambling, by a talented ensemble. With a descriptive setting from Limehouse and dance-steps from the Boul' Miche, the act carries on the Charlotian tradition most creditably.

Wall Street Scene Original


One of the factors which, beside the presence of the Marx Brothers, contributes most to the success of the performance is the unusual quality of the sets they are simple, but strikingly original, especially the ticker tape finale to the Wall Street scene, and the Chinatown opium den, which is a realization of one's most extravagant dreams of what a layout ought to look like.

Finally, mention must be made of the burlesque athletic dance again by the Foolish Four at which at least one prominent critic in the audience laughed himself weak. This and the settings and the four-ply talent in other places successfully draw the listener's attention from the fact that the revue as a whole is andeniably not of the best.