Address in Series on "Religion and Law" Treats Subject From Changed Point of View--Speaker Famous

Professor Ephraim Emerton '71 will speak at 12.10 tomorrow at the fourth meeting in the series of addresses on "Religion and the Law", held at the First Parish Church in Cambridge. He is speaking this Sunday instead of on March 1, as previously announced, taking the place of the Rev. Samuel McChord Crothers, who will give his address on "Theology and Law" at a later date.

Professor Emerton's subject will be "The Church as a Sovereign State", discussing what is perhaps the most conspicuous example in history of civil government conducted by the church. He will deal with the government of papal territory prior to the Napoleonic epoch, and will discuss especially the relation of this system of church government to its code of laws.

Thus far, the addresses have been made principally from the legalist point of view. Professor Emerton will speak from the view-point of a scholar of church history and theology, subjects to which he has given much study. Graduating from Harvard in 1871, he went to Leipzig, where he took his Ph.D. in 1876. He became an instructor in History and German, and from 1878 to 1882 was Winn professor of ecclesiastical history at Harvard. Some of the books he has written are "An Introduction to the Study of the Middle Ages", "A Synopsis of the History of Continental Europe", "Modiaeval Europe, 814-1300", and "Unitarian Thought."