Second Act to Capitalize Opportunities for Specialty Work--Merger Makes More Material Available

This afternoon at 3 o'clock a general meeting will be held at the Hasty Pudding Club for all those intending to compete for parts in "Laugh It Off", the club's forthcoming musical production.

Louis Silvers, for three successive years coach of the Pudding Shows, having arrived from New York this morning, will be on hand to direct proceedings.

Among other things, the meeting will take up a discussion of the plot of the show. "Laugh It Off", written by J. C. Murphy '25 and W. S. Martin '26, is a two-act musical comedy. The first act, the scene of which is laid in a deserted country house at Beverly Farms, is a thriller guaranteed to come up to the standards of Broadway's finest productions. The second act features a costume ball at a nearby country club, thus affording ample opportunity for the display of the dramatic genius of Mr. Silvers and his charges in all of the "Seven Lively Arts."

Second Act Resembles Revue

The excellent opportunity for specialty work as offered by the subject of the second act is not being overlooked by those in charge of the production. Mr. Silvers plans to include all varieties of talent in the chorus, thus making this feature of the act particularly noteworthy. Other members of the club are also being counted on for specialty performances in this act, among them being Donald Frothingham '27, J. L. Keleher '27 and A. H. Stafford '26, Frothingham and Keleher are team-mates on the piano and will render a number of selections together, while Stafford will display his already famous abilities as a prestidigitator. With this considerable variety of talent, which is expected, the second act promises to be more like a grand revue than a musical comedy.


In addition to the above-mentioned stars, a wealth of other material is at the coach's command. The outlook for good material is particularly bright because of the recent union of the Institute of 1770 with the Hasty Pudding Club, thereby making Sophomores as well as Juniors and Seniors eligible for parts.