Undefeated Mile Relay Team Beats Williams Despite Lundell's Mishap--Miller Wins Third in Dash

The work of the University athletes at the New York Athletic Club meet in New York City Saturday evening again, demonstrated the powers of the team.

The undefeated relay team, consisting of R. G. Allen '26, F. P. Kane '26, C. G. T. Lundell '27, and L. L. Robb '26 outran the Williams College runners in a mile race in the time of 3 minutes, 39 seconds. The time would have been much faster had not Lundell collided with a man who was walking across the track. The University led all the way.

The University entrants in the dash, A. H. Miller '27 and H. W. Burns '28, showed that Harvard will have power in the short event for some time to come. Miller placed third in the final to Hussey, a member of the Olympic team, and Lever, former intercollegiate champion.

Haggerty Just Misses Scoring

E. C. Haggerty '27, who won two events against the Yale Freshmen last year, ran a good race in the Burmey Special 500. This event was won by Allan Helffrich of Penn State. Haggerty ran at Helffrich's shoulder to the last stretch, where he weakened and was passed by Burgess of Georgetown and Robertson of putting B. A. A. putting him just outside the scoring.


In the Charles L. Kilpatrick 1000 yards handicap, A. H. O'Neill '28, starting from scratch placed second to Swinburne of Georgetown to whom he conceded 20 yards. Hobart Betts of Princeton, the other scratch man was easily beaten by O'Neill