Only Slump in Startling Form of Win Over Worcester Would Result in a Defeat--Both Use Five-Man Defense

HARVARD 1928  ST. GEORGE'S Cozzens r.f.  l.g. De Sibour Pusey l.f.  r.g. Breasted, Hall Barbee, Green c.  c. Douglas Oothout r.g.  l.f. Melville Meisenbach l.g.  r.f. Alger

The 1928 basketball quintet, still crippled, but fresh from its startling victory over Worcester Academy, faces St. George's today at Newport.

Coach Drohan has not definitely decided on the final line-up for today's game because of the uncertainty regarding the condition of Captain Baldwin, Slocum, and Green, who have been out for two weeks. Baldwin has recovered from his ankle injury, but is suffering from a bad cold and Coach Drohan may decide to save him for the Andover game one week hence. Slocum's ankle has almost healed but he has taken part in only one scrimmage this week, while Green is still weak from a severe attack of grippe.

Only Slump Will Cause Defeat

The game today need not be the cause of much worry to the Crimson first-year men unless they suffer a decided slump from the playing form they exhibited in last week's encounter. In that game they held the Worcester schoolboys completely at their mercy and conclusively demonstrated the superiority of the five-man defense over the zone defense system which was used by their opponents.


On the other hand St. George's also employs the five-man defense which they have used effectively in defeating two high school teams, Mansfield and South Kingstown. They lost a closely contested game with Barrington High. The schoolboy team's captain, De Sibour, who plays left guard, is rated their most dangerous scoring threat. He also plays an effective defensive game.

The Freshmen may be troubled by the placing of the baskets on the St. George's court. They are supported by posts rising from the floor which may seriously interfere with scrimmages around the basket. Nine men are making the trip: Captain Baldwin, Barbee, Cozzens, Green, McCurdy, Meisenbach, Oothout, Pusey, and Slocum.